Graphic Book Club

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Main Library
Main Library Conference Room: 3rd Floor

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Enjoy comic books or graphic novels? Join us for the monthly meeting of Main Library's Graphic Book Club. This month's topic: Science Fiction All kinds of different things can make a story Science Fiction. Alternate histories, time travel, space travel, alien life, advanced technology, these are just a few of the common plot elements you’ll find in the genre. Here are some springboards to help you pick a book and start thinking about what you read: •One of the things that varies in Science Fiction is how the science is presented. Fans of the genre can wrangle for hours about hard scifi vs soft scifi, some even going so far as to classify large portions of the genre as ‘science fantasy’. Where does your book fall on the scale of hardness, and why? •There are lots of subgenres in Science Fiction. Which, if any, does your work fall into, and why? •Try to find out when your book was written (or if it’s based on another book, like a classic scifi short story, when the original work was published). Do you see any ‘futuristic’ elements that don’t seem so farfetched anymore, now that you can buy them at Best Buy? •Alien vistas, the depths of space, stunning technological marvels, and twisted perversions of science. How does your book’s art handle the gorgeous and grotesque in the story? Can't make the meeting, but want to get in on the discussion? Join us online at
Event Type(s): Book Club, Adult
Age Group(s): Teen
Presenter: John Davis
John Davis